Thursday, 30. August 2012

Huess - Discards

Please check out the new EP by Huess, called Discards. You can listen to it for free here or you can buy it on bandcamp.

About producing, Huess says:

When I make a tune, I usually have a clear idea of how I want to use it – whether it’s a remix, for a mixtape or for an EP. But these tracks were all sitting on my hard drive doing nothing and I really wanted to put them out there. They don’t have anything in common and weren’t going to be used for anything else so it’s almost like they’re being thrown away. But they’re each lovable in their own way and I hope people find a place for them somewhere…


Eine weitere Sendung im Hochschulradio Aachen mit Geschichten zu, ├╝ber oder mit Liedern. Letzte Sendung: 26.9.2012




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